Forged Goods

Witcher 3 Hunting Knife with Integrals

Hunting Knife with Padauk

Trail Point Knife with Padauk


Spear Point Hunter with Stabilized Box Elder Burl

Drop Point Hunter with Stabilized Maple

Recurve With Stabilized Box Elder Burl.


Orc Sword

The Orc sword is more of an experimental piece, it is a functional sword but its an experiment on a different style and patina application. Originally this was going to have a sheath with orcish accessories and belts and what not, but then again orcs most likely never let go of their weapons therefore have no need for a sheath. This piece was a concept failure but I still very much like its surface texture. Lesson for next time I suppose.

A Sword that Took Inspiration from Tormund Giantbanes sword from Game of Thrones

Dog Face Hammer 3lbs

Rounding Hammer 3lbs

Post Apocolyptic Kukri