Post Apcolyptic Props/Costumery


The beginning of creating this mask.

The inspiration for the mask was from a painting by Francisco Goya called, The Third of May. The idea behind the painting was that since you cant see the soldiers face you cant see the humanity in them, therefore you subconsciously think of them as a machine. Same goes for any masked villain or villains such as storm troopers. So applying this theory to my mask and expanding by not only covering my face, but also excluding features that you would normally associate with normal human beings, and resulting in something sinister.

Finishing the Leatherwork on the Back of the Mask.

Added Fur and A Breathing Filter.

Fallout 4 Pipe Pistol

Axe Blade

Merchants Mace

A Junkers Axe.

Machete used by Caesers Legion in Fallout: New Vegas